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There is always opportunity to gain new skills and now is another,  take advantage of our networking and business development opportunities by attending our carefully structured events. We look forward to seeing you.

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Next Level Networking February Event
This meeting hold every month with carefully selected speakers to take your business to the next level.
In this meeting you gain tips and practical ways to boost your business; you also make the right connections and get ample time with the speakers. Our goal is to help you build lasting relationships.
23 February 2011, London
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Special Event – How To Profit From Selling FREE Information
Find out why information publishing is the best recession proof business. How the business model works and what type of information sells the best
10 March 2011, London
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Twitter Marketing – 10,000 Targeted Followers In 90 Days
You will learn how to set up a Twitter account, find people, gain followers, drive more website traffic, gain more visibility, more credibility, gain more customers or clients and how to be truly effective with your time
12 March 2011, London
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Maximizing Sales Performance One Day Intensive Workshop
People don’t buy products or services – they buy people first. How do you sell yourself? Learn how to make your ‘selling’ message connect emotionally with your prospect.
15 March 2011, London
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Next Level Networking March Event (Investments- Gold, Silver, Trading
Gain the skills, knowledge on how to buy Physical Gold and Silver for security and profit, How to make a fortune investing in Gold and Silver plus other hard assets. Why Investing in Gold and Silver has become the middle class license to print money , How to create monthly cash flow profits by purchasing gold and silver at a discount and selling at retail price.
29 March 2011, London
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We look forward to seeing you at our events.

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