Upcoming Workshops and Events

Hello Entrepreneurs,
Hopefully you are enjoying a productive week! Here is an update of workshops and events available to you.

Vision Board – Ladies Only:

Vision boards are a good way of getting clear and getting focused, it brings your dreams into reality. If you are interested in getting your vision board done, book online here:  http://visionbroad.eventbrite.com/ or email Shruti @eastlondonwomensnetwork@gmail.com to check for availability and reserve your place. Date of the workshop 29th 11.00am – 4-30pm – Tower bridge.

Self mastery Course:

Michael Fletcher is a member of this group and he is offering something new this year that I really think might be of interest to you. Mike is a Business Coach and his company name is Neworld Coaching. Starting January 26th he is offering an online business course in “Self Mastery” that is geared toward people who want to better themselves and improve their bottom line while doing so.

So…if you think YOU and your business could benefit from a “fine tuning” of sorts, I think you should check this out.

The best thing about this course is that you do not need a phone line! You just sit at your computer from the comfort of your home or office and watch! Recordings are provided for everyone, so if you miss a class or if you are in a time zone where it is not convenient… you can still participate. I strongly urge you to have a look at the link below and decide if this sort of thing is for you.


It is never easy to take a real and intense look at yourself, but this course is meant to help. Do mention that I referred you if you do sign up .

Gold and Silver Millionaire Boot camp 5th-6th February 2011:

Wealth cycles create massive profit opportunities – And we are in one NOW!  According to top Financial Wealth experts such Robert Kiyosaki, Mike Maloney, David Morgan, Mike Dillard and Nik Halik “We are Living Through The Greatest
Wealth Transfer In The History of Mankind”. It will cause unprecedented calamity for MOST and unprecedented OPPORTUNITY for a FEW. The major factor that will determine which group you are in is your knowledge and it starts with Gold & Silver.  http://goldsilvermillionairebootcamp.co.uk/

Become a Life /Business Coach:

Do you desire to become an accredited coach? Well an opportunity for you to be is here.
I have just received good news that a very reputable coaching company just received funding and therefore can offer 10 lucky people a place in their program for half the usual fee. If this is something you are interested in and you need more information, Send me a direct mail with your name, email and best contact number. This offer is limited to just 10 persons; this might be your chance to get that boost in your career. Send your inquiries to the event organizer@ events@thebusinessonlinedirectory.com.

The Bod Workshops:

For those who attended out last two events, you would agree that our speakers

are professionals and experts in their own right and were carefully selected for their expertise and success in the industry. We have made arrangement to have these speakers , to provide bespoke workshops to help elevate you for growth and success in your business. You will also be receiving coaching and mentoring for each workshop you sign up. The coaching programs offered by these speakers are usually priced at an average of £450.00 per delegate but we have come to an arrangement to work for the community.
Do visit our events page and book your place, each workshop is limited to a few, this is to give each attendee quality time with the experts. For more details see The bod events page, Book your place in advance to get early bird discount.

I hope this helps,  if there are particular topics that interest you, please do not hesitate to notify us.

Have a lovely week.

Placida Acheru

Business Coach/Mentor

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