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Hello there, welcome to coaching 4 excellence . My name is Placida Acheru some prefer to call me ‘P’. I am an entrepreneur, speaker, coach and working with individuals to create success, growth around business and life.  I will be sharing on the site information regarding social media, blogging, and personal development, and business in general, giving you tips and tricks  around website marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, personal growth and development to help you achieve your goals and be all that you desire.  

I LOVE what I do and I am incredibly PASSIONATE about pushing myself to live my life to the highest potential… And I hope you will work with me to help YOU do so as well.

A little bit about me…

I started off my career in business converting my hobbies into money making ventures; I did it then for fun. I just loved making money, which was quite strange to my family because they didn’t expect me to be the business minded one.  I didn’t buy fancy clothes with the money I made, I gave them to charity, helped people in school and church that didn’t have the kind of financial support I had at the time. Even in giving, I made sure I had enough left to keep turning my business around.

As a young adult I identified my passion was supporting others to do better and explore their true call. This led me to study guidance and counseling to masters degree level so I could give my best to those I come across. On graduation, I realized counseling wasn’t accepted, people prefer to see their church leaders or family for help.  I found myself  in the administrative sector for about 12 years due to this. I struggled and deep within I knew it was not my place and there was a lot more about me, I needed to fulfill my call.

Taking a Big Step…

While working as an administrator, I continued doing business as many as appealed to me, and this time to make profits and grow.  I also began holding small personal development groups, and gave talks to young adults. I worked with individuals, helping them setup small businesses and turning their hobbies into money making ventures just like I did. My career began to develop and I just loved what I did and it was time to take a big leap, RISK. I left my job and everything to start all over again.

I began searching for more and I found coaching and have since pursued it with my heart.

I love personal development, Wealth creation, Change and growth. I remember doing the Anthony Robbins Fire Walk in 2007 and my family and friends thought I had lost it. Actually I had …Who would in their right mind would walk on 12feet of hot coal.

The New Way- The Internet …

I began searching and tried understand the use of the internet. It was a different world; I never thought I would understand it. But Placida being who she is, if I decide to learn a thing I will. I realized that in a few years the internet will be the way forward for every business and if I was going to help people succeed at their business I needed to know what works. Day and Night I was online trying to understand it all,I was desperate and there was too much information , sometimes very overwhelming. A lot of times I felt like giving up, I am glad I didn’t. Today I run workshops and show people how to succeed online and I absolutely love it! .

What I do …

Like I mentioned earlier, I love empowerment and creating change. I help people see that they can become all that they desire to be. I help them discover their strengths, set goals and walk daily towards achieving the goals, which lead to their desires. I always say to people if I can do it any one can.  Take steps today to create the life you desire.

I have created trainings and programs to help you grow as an entrepreneur, You don’t have  fall several times as I did . I have made the mistakes for you and I will guide you to creating that change you desire if that is what you also want. I  believe at the experiences that you gain in life , work and business is not for you to hoard but to use for the better development of others. Let me share my knowledge and experience with you to help you the the life you desire.

Let’s work Together…

Make up your mind to create change and live your dream, and if you subscribe to this site and stay connected to my work, you will learn so much about how to create the freedom you want for your life. I’m very much looking forward to sharing with you. Decide today to increase your confidence, credibility and increase your clients

Thank you for landing on this page. Let me know how I may help you achieve the change that you desire.

Remember If you can conceive it you can achieve it and all you need is to take that guided step

Placida Acheru
Entrepreneur* Speaker* Coach

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