Woman Unleash Your Potentials Summit 5th -21st July 2011- Featuring 21 Top Female Entrepreneurs

Join thousands of women from across the world in this life and business transforming Summit. The good thing is , you can listen in from anywhere in the world.

Join Today Speakers Like : Bev James , Stephanie Hale, Naomi Sesay, Bonnie Ross-Parker , PJ Van Hulle, Michele Walsh, Jane Kenyan, Marie  Claire Carlyle, Karen Williams, Alison Marks ,Pam Lawhorne, , Jane Morrison, Zoe Cairns, Crystal Williamson. Catharine Palmer, Samantha Sutherland, Deena Douglas,  Manuela George- Izunwa, and Placida Acheru the Host.

This unique event has been designed to Motivate, Empower, Encourage, Educate and Enlighten you and to give you the tools to be independent and successful in whatever you choose to do!

Reserve you place here : – http://www.coaching4excellence.com/events/index.html

Share this event with your friends , on facebook, twitter, Linkedin, via email ,I am sure they would be delighted.

Inspiring modules include:

  • 5 Millionaire Tips for Women
  • 7 Steps to Financial Success
  • How to be a Money Magnet
  • The Divapreneur Mindset – what it is and how to embed it!
  • How To Get The Law of Attraction to finally work for you, instead of against you
  • How to get more Traffic, Attract More Clients & Make More Money Through Networking

I look forward to seeing you on the other side

To your Growth and Success

Placida Acheru

Reserve you place here : – http://www.coaching4excellence.com/events/index.html

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