Women in Business Online Conference 9-20 July 2012

Women in business gather from across the globe for this life changing conference which takes place annually. This event is organized by Placida Acheru one of UK’s Top Transformational Coaches.

The line up of speakers this year   include : CAROLINE MARSH ( Secret millionaire UK) , ANNAMARIE CROSS, MINDY GIBBINS( Book Midwife), JACQUELINE NWOKEJI-ANI ( Founder Empowered Woman) , DEBORAH LEARY OBE ( CEO forensic –Pathways ) DR TERRY LOONG , KATRINA SAWA ( Jump Start your marketing) NAN AKASHA ( Create your own reality ) ALICIA DUMANS ( Write your book quickly ) ALICIA FOREST, KATE BEEDERS ( Success Coaching with Kate ) JOANNA MARTINS( Shift presentations secret) MILANA LESHINSKY ( Income streams expert ) LOUISE PRESLEY-TURNER( Game of Life) MAL DUANE ( Alpha Chick ) DEBBIE LACHUSA ,  PJ van Hull (Real Prosperity, Inc)

The speakers will be sharing techniques on how they jumped the huddles in life and business and developed 6-7 figure income businesses.

Here are some of the modules they will be sharing at this online event :

  • How to Charge What You’re Worth
  • How to Turn Your Knowledge, Background, and Experience into a Passive Income Empireto put your small business on autopilot and watch your profits skyrockets.
  • The Top 3 Keys to SUPER-CHARGING Your Networking Results
  • How to Avoid the Top 3 Mistakes That Are Sucking the Life (and Profit) Out of Your Business
  • Predictable cashflow to create a stress-free space and peace of mind
  • How to accumulating cash and wealth through your coaching business
  • Discover 40+ income streams any coach can create to enjoy predictable stress-free cash flow all year long
  • The types of technology you MUST invest and put in place or it won’t work
  • Learn a better way to start, grow, run and market your business that allows you to attract more of your ideal clients who will pay you exactly what you’re worth
  • How to start releasing the blocks and action steps to take to start moving forward
  • How to stand out as a brand and profit from social media
  • 4 tips to break the spell and live happier, healthier, and wealthier lives
  • The truth about money, success, and the pursuit of happiness

The purpose of this event is to Motivate, Empower, Encourage, Educate and Enlighten women across the world. As well as give these women in business ready TOOLS to be independent and successful in whatever they do.

Who can attend this event? : Women in Business, Coach, Mentor, Independent Practitioner, Work at Home Mom, Consultant, Career Woman, female entrepreneur.

You are invited if you:

  • Need to Transform Your Life ?
  • Want to create a marketing system to attract their ideal clients and earn leveraged income?
  • Need to experience true freedom in your business and life?
  • Want to learn how to break the fear of failure and success?
  • Need collaboration, support of other successful Business owners?
  • Want to discover your true calling and take charge of your life?

Registration for this online conference if free, we encourage women to share this with other women so that they too can benefit from the teaching of these expert entrepreneurs.

Registration is already going on for this event.

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