Women Info-Millionaire Bootcamp Networking Dinner {ONLY 7-DAYS TO GO}

Hello Ladies!

200 women and counting in just 2 weeks of promoting , Good eh!  I want to say a big thank you  to all those who supported us in spreading the word about this event, it has been taken well by ladies from all over. Thank you !

For those who do not know – The WIMB 2011 Networking Dinner is the main attraction of the Women Info-Millionaires Bootcamp event code-named ‘WIMB’ 2011.

This unique  and unprecedented women’s event features 12 Women Info-Cash Magnets from all over the globe with one purpose in mind : To make you the next “Woman Info-Millionaire” within a short time.

*26th-27th March 2011  ** HOLIDAY INN – London Kesington Forum. 97 Cromwell Road London

* Only 210 Spaces Available *** A Special ‘WIMB’ 2011 Networking Dinner With Guest Speakers

**Tickets are extremely limited and ranges from £27, £47 and £97 Respectively ** Book Your Seat Now.

The WIMB 2011 is also designed to honour and celebrates the achievements of Women and Ladies in the internet
and Information marketing business around the world. It highlights the fact that there are no inequalities both online
and offline in the information Marketing Business. It will work to foster a brighter, safer and more rewarding future

for all Women and Ladies in the profitable Internet and information marketing business niche.

If you are a woman you cannot afford to miss this awesome event especially dedicated to celebrate and to honour you. Here’s why:

* You’ll discover How To start and Grow your own profitable Internet and Information marketing Business from your home

* Discover why this is the best time for a woman or lady to be in the Internet and information Marketing business

* Get to Network with proven Women Info-Millionaires and discover how to look good, feel confident and have your
bank account overflowing with cash.

The key speakers lined up for this great WIMB NETWOKING DINNER include Rachel Elnaugh, Nicola Cairncross, Marsha Wright,
Marie Claire, Anna Rushton, Gemma Bailey, Ali Mackenzie, Dawn Mendonca, Sarah Staar, and Co-host Placida Acheru.

Tickets to this event is extremely limited so book your seat now and get ready for the special WIMB 2011 Networking Dinner with our guest speakers. BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW. Here’s the link:  http://wimb.co.uk/sales

I am looking forward to meeting you.

Placida Acheru
Specialist in Creating Excellence in Business
Increasing Confidence, Credibility and Clients


Twitter: 4excellenceblog, Facebook: placida.acheru1

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