Wow! What an Incredible Weekend!(26th- 27th March – WIMB 2011)

The 26th and 27th March is a weekend to remember- I spent this weekend

along with 80 other wonderful women in business and speakers at the Women Info-Milli0naires Boot camp- Holiday Inn Kensington .

We had some excellent entrepreneurs and self made female millionaires speak,  the speakers included

Rachel Elnaugh * Marie-Claire Carlyle * Marsha Wright

Tania Valujeva * Gemma Bailey * Ali Mackenzie

Dawn Mendonca * Katharine Dever and of course Placida Acheru- co host

The testimonials have not stopped coming in, here are some below.

“Hi Placida, having spent time with you over the last 2 days I’d really like to connect on FB. Congrats on a fantastic weekend. Everyone I spoke to said how much they enjoyed and learnt. You can’t get much better than that. Nicci.”

Hi Placida, just wanted to say that your event was fabulous, thanks very much. I came away very inspired and energised. felix x

Hi Placida, I found this conference very inspirational and has motivated me.  Is it possible I can get a copy of all of the presentations from this bootcamp?  Thank you Anna

I have not received the video testimonials  from the media team as soon as I do I’ll put them up, I hear they are incredible.   Thank you ladies for making this weekend one to remember.  I could go on on how good the event was, but it is better that it comes from you , who experienced it all.

Let’s keep the connection alive by linking to each other and creating awareness of our experience this weekend.

A lot of the women have connected with me on face book and Twitter , what I would love is that everyone benefits from this weekend.  So this is the plan,

1. Share as much as you can, what got out of this weekend and how it has benefited you.

2.  Who was your best speaker and what did you learn from them?

3. Would you want this event repeated?

4. Include your signature ( Name, Business , Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

5. When you leave your comment tweet all the previous comment before you and Like them, follow the person on the social media listed.

We are giving out some goodies so check you mail and your junk folder so you do not miss it.  Did you miss this event? leave a comment and we will keep you informed of happenings.

Ladies keep smiling – Keep in touch :)

Placida Acheru



Specialist in Creating Excellence in Business

Increasing Confidence, Credibility and Clients

Twitter: placida_acheru , Facebook: placida.acheru1

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